Thursday, October 12, 2017

Farmhouse Inspiration ~ Candle Light

This Farmhouse Inspiration post is dedicated to Candle Light. I absolutely love candles and they add such a warm and cozy feel to the farmhouse no matter what time of year. One of my very favorite things in life is watching a good movie with about a dozen candles lit...with a glass of wine of course. I like using every day items like bowls or jars for my candles but I also love using lanterns and vintage candle holders. Below is an array of different candles lit in our home through out the year...enjoy!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Springfield Recap 2017 and Some Fall Touches

Greetings! I am sure that you can tell from my absence here in blogland that we have been quite busy. If we aren't working on things for all of the antique shows we have then we have been busy trying to get our master bedroom done (more on that in another post). The Springfield Antique Extravaganza was a blast as usual and we didn't have any rain for the first time ever!

We had quite the turn out and sold so much but of course we came home with some goodies too. I bought the gorgeous hutch top seen below and once some of the furniture we took sold we put it in the booth for display. I also bought tons of linens, lots of ironstone and a beautiful quilt for when our master bedroom is done. Hopefully I will eventually have the time to share what I bought in another post.

Between the work we are doing upstairs on what will be the master bedroom and all of the stuff piled up for our upcoming antique shows the house looks like a bomb went off and it is driving me a little crazy, who am I kidding it is driving me nuts! These are the times that I hope nobody stops by...I would be mortified! Our dining room literally looks like a storage unit! This seems to be a reoccuring problem for me every fall because we are always doing major reno this time of year on top of everything else we have going on! You guys know how much I hate clutter...but I keep telling myself that without the money I make from the antique shows I won't ever be able to afford the workshop/storage area that I dream of so I just have to grin and bear it for the time being and stick to my goals!

Despite the state most of the house is in I have started to add some little touches of fall in the areas that are some what neat.

Our next antique show is Antiques On The Lake right here in our home town Edinboro, PA this Saturday, September 30th at the Taylor Antique Mall in the Lakeside Commons on 6N. The antique show will be outside and it is the one year anniversary of the antique mall so there is an open house inside. I hope some of you can come and shop, there are so many goodies in this antique mall...I think I end up buying as much as I sell there!

Then after that we have The Vintage Market's Hocus Pocus Show in Monroe Michigan Oct. 7th and 8th!! We are super excited about this one as it is our first Michigan show!! I really hope some of you can make it to that one, there will be lots of goodies, great food and live music!!

Make sure you are following me on Instagram @Farmhouse5540 for daily inspiration, videos of our booths and videos of our renovations!!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Farmhouse Inspiration ~ Vintage Linens

So I have decided to change the "Weekly Inspiration" post title to "Farmhouse Inspiration" since I don't always have the time to do a weekly inspiration post! This weeks post is dedicated to one of my favorite things to collect...vintage linens!! In particular the white ones with some sort of hand done detailing get my heart racing.

We are working on so much around here and I can't wait to fill you guys in and show you what we are doing!!  I have been doing daily videos of our master bedroom renovation on Instagram so make sure you are following @farmhouse5540!! I have also been busy getting everything ready for the Springfield Antique Extravaganza Sept. 15th, 16th, 17th!! I know I will see a lot of you there and if you have never been I hope you are planning on coming!!